Monday, 6 April 2009

Loh Mee, best kept secret in Far Lim, Ayer Itam.

It is little known to many out of Far Lim, Ayer Itam that there is one "Loh Mee" you should not miss. I have tried many in town, the famous Loh Mee at Carnavon Street, Jalan Masjid Kling and Pulau Tikus, there is no match if compared to this "well kept secret" located at Far Lim, Ayer Itam.

The kopitiam is called "Kedai Kopi Teoh Guan Hup" and one of the hawker stall sells this special Loh Mee. If you are a crazy fan of chilli, add another spoon into the noodle and it will take you to heaven.

After taking this Loh Mee, I bet you will forget the others. 
Price tag : RM 2.30 / bowl.

Located near the old market (now renovated to become a small mall), there is only one kopitiam, you cannot miss it. While you are there, try out the "Chee Cheong Fun", again one of the best in Penang, again another well kept secret. I will feature that in my next post.

Get there Map:-

Be adventurous, go to Far Lim, Ayer Itam and look for the "old market". You cannot miss it.

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Allie said...

it's really the best kept secret huh? never heard ppl blog about this lor mee. Thanks for sharing!

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