Monday, 16 March 2009

Best Curry Mee in Ayer Itam, Penang

If you are going to Ayer Itam market, make a point to stop for a bowl of Curry Mee. Near the Ayer Itam bridge, there are two stalls just next to each other selling the same food!! So, go there with an empty stomach and wallop 2 bowls and tell me which is better.

The "kaki lima" five foot way stalls are located after the Ayer Itam bridge. If you are coming from town, it is the first left turn after the bridge. The stalls are on the left side of the small road. 

First, let me introduce the Sister's Curry Mee (above). Like the name suggested, yes, they are both sisters and has been selling curry mee at the same spot for at least half a century. Yet, there is no change of how they cook their 
famous Curry Mee. 

Additional to this, they also sell economy fried noddle. Charcoal is still being used to cook and to "bring out" the true favour of Penang Curry Mee according to the sisters.

Just next to their stall is the other Curry Mee seller, ingredients are about the same but it is more spicy and lots more coconut milk which makes it more aromatic. Looking at the crowd, they favour this stall more than the sisters'. Well, I for one like both, a good excuse to have 2 bowls, isn't it?

Location : Ayer Itam Market, Penang.

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